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i have been here for a while. I received a lot of invites but always disqualified for whatever reasons...kind of frustrating :( il y a 1 jour


:) One survey invite and it's already filled... These days surveys are like a few morsel of food cast into a river filled with starving piranhas; and if you'll wait a wee bit longer and for sure right off they will be gone... I miss those days on here when we members can complete more than one survey most days per month...Some of my Toluna UK friends even said that they can ace 3 up to 8 surveys almost daily?? Wow! That's colossal! What's laughable though is that now that they at most only can finish 1 up to 4, they feel disgruntled! Haha! How I wish we have that similar privilege on Toluna PH! And before, on top of the aforementioned, when surveys were absent the alternative earning programs can tide us up! But now we only have surveys to hope for and they are scarce... My poll says a bunch of members are suffering a drought... Nakakapagtataka though na may mangilan ngilan na tiba-tiba katulad ni "LucidSakura"... Kaya ang lakas ng loob ni Lucifer.... I mean Lucid mag-comment dun sa post ng isang member na olats ng gasgas na cliché na "Patience is a virtue" kuno! Tingnan ko nga kung gaano siya ka-patient kung mawala na yung lucky streak niya sa surveys... Usually pa naman yang mga tipong mahilig sa cliché na advice kapag sila na yung naging olats mas malala at hindi sinusunod yung sariling payo nila sa ibang tao... A lot of individuals when they are on top of the world, they are without sympathy and what's worse they are reckless with the things that they say towards others at nagmamagaling... Kaya tuloy maraming members ang mas nade-depressed pa lalo...As psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula said, minimizing other people's feelings and situation is a form of narcissistic devaluation... They derived fuel supply by trifling other's low circumstances... As it make them feel superior... Other people's misery is like a type of drug to them that gives them a certain high... il y a 1 jour


Hi! TolunaTeamPH are you ok? why does there is no activity on the site just like before? No monthly magazine , no new games too, It's really been strange this past months ? Hope everything is doing well ... Sending hugs and love to you all !! il y a 3 jours


Hope to have better points. il y a 3 jours


second time to withdraw,thanks TOLUNA il y a 5 jours


I'm a newbie here. thankyou so much Toluna for accepting a guy like me, hope i can get more survey. Have a God all your Dreams. Peace V il y a 11 jours


I’m new here. Thank you Toluna for accepting me. God Bless all the members and team. il y a 11 jours


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