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  il y a 1 mois

Do you think it's safe to use the rolled toilet paper that's inside public toilets that have dispensers?

At these crucial times where we can't actually see those viruses that's lurking around, we must always be pretty sure to check the surroundings that we often go to. Just like the public toilets that we always use that are located at commercial establishments. One mostly used are those comfort rooms used in large hotels usually for visitors. The toilet tissue inside often have dispensers that were usually designed to be freely rolled out once they're slowly pulled. These are within reach of the toilet user after urinating or defecating. But how safe do you think are these toilet tissue papers? I could just imagine how every time a toilet user would pull those tissues out without even sanitizing their hands, there's a huge possibility that different germs would eventually cling into the last portion left, right? Not to mention but it's reality that a single toilet user does not actually use two or three portions of the tissue but more, and since because it's free most users would roll them out and revolved them around the hands. It's a fact that a small piece of tissue would not be that sufficient to clean the anus portion after defecating, right people? This is why it's just typical for a person to still grab for more and hold that dispenser again... hahaha.. :D.

I've also learned from one article that everytime the toilet bowl was flushed, there's that tendency for the germs and bacteria to rise up and out due to the air pressure. That's why we need to close the lid before pressing the flush to prevent this. However on public toilets this isn't much of a practice so probably the toilet tissue would be at stake here again to catch all those viruses and bacteria. So be very careful and always remember that the toilet bowl inside may sometimes look brilliant and shiny but if you examine them carefully, they're a lot more filthier than any part of the building.

In your case, do you always use those free toilet tissue papers that have dispensers inside public toilets when you see them? I believe it's better to bring your own than use them just to be safe.
Thanks for sharing people.

Photo not mine: ctto
Votre avis


  il y a 1 mois
Laging handa! hahaha =) Répondre
0 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
To be safe, I always bring my own tissue with me. Répondre
1 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
your right mario. so better to bring your own toilet paper any time of the day. Répondre
1 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
Most people are not aware of it and just depend to use the tissue paper rolled on every bathroom like in restaurant of public toilet. Yes, if you will think of it for a while, maybe it's not safe or it's dirty. We women always bring tissue paper in our bags so it's not problem. Répondre
1 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
That is an important topic indeed to consider. :) We are really not certain if the toilet tissue papers are clean or safe to use, especially now that there is still pandemic. Better to use our own tissue paper. Nice share. Répondre
1 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
I agree with you, it's better to have our own tissue papers when using the bathrooms, especially the public one or even in restaurants. Nice share. Répondre
1 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
You have a point. I always bring my own tissue whenever I go out, and besides some of the public toilets don’t have tissue papers (that is better). When the pandemic began, I became more careful in using public toilets. I always making sure that I will not use those whenever I go out, especially on malls. Btw thanks for sharing, it is very useful. Répondre
1 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
Everytime aalis ako ng bahay lagi akong may dala tissue at alchol para safe na din, pero kung maiiwasan din lg na mag CR sa public kinakaya na lg hanggang makarating sa bahay hahah. Kahit hindi pandemic nakasanayan ko na ang ganito. Répondre
2 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
i always have tissue paper inside my bag, wipes, sanitizer, alcohol etc...hehhee i love to bring and use my own things! ;-) Répondre
2 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
As long as you wash your hands after, I think it is safe. I don’t think the virus will enter into your asshole and make you sick. Répondre
1 commentaire(s)

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