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  il y a 1 mois

Hunger? Loneliness? Your brain reacts the same way to both

Did you find yourself desperately craving social interactions recently? You're probably not the only one!
Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic began, many people have only seen their close friends and loved ones during video calls, if at all. As a result, many of us feel as though something in our lives is missing.
But are social interactions an essential human need, or is this feeling just a mere figment of our imaginations?

A new study from MIT addressed this question and the result? Loneliness activate brain activity in ways profoundly similar to hunger.
The researchers found that after one day of total isolation, the sight of people having fun together activates the same brain region that lights up when someone who hasn't eaten all day sees a picture of a plate of cheesy pasta.

The researchers also found that people's responses to isolation varied depending on their normal levels of loneliness. People who reported feeling isolated before the study showed weaker yearnings for social interaction. “Because it’s something that is not that different, perhaps, from their everyday life.”, says cognitive neuroscientist Livia Tomova.

Although the degree of craving varies, the study shows that loneliness is a sign from the body, just like a thirst to quench or a hunger to satisfy, that require our attention.

Did you find yourself yearning for social interactions lately? How do you usually deal with loneliness? Let us know in the comments below!

Influence your world,
Toluna Team


  il y a 1 mois
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  il y a 1 mois
Yes. Interacting through social medias
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  il y a 1 mois
During this pandamic Social contact are strick. But one perspective its write just look from other side we can see social contact vs physical contact.
What ever our technology developed by means video call group call.
Still feeling and comfort can be attained to physical contact.
Social distance means isolate entire people as individual.
It must be avoided and maximum social interaction through technology we can done
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  il y a 1 mois
In times of this pendamic everyone is feeling bit lost and lonely, the best way to keep ur selves and your brains in place is to find a hobby that has been long lost inside of you.... Bring out the artist or the creative you out and make the time worth it. Our social requirements have grown in such a way that meeting and interacting with people has become a necessccesity.
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  il y a 1 mois
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  il y a 1 mois
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