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  il y a 1 mois

Are you allergic to milk?

Today, China is the world’s second-largest consumer of dairy products and countries like Germany and New Zealand are the main countries from where the Chinese-consumed milk is imported. However, a study from China shows that 92% of the country’s adult population are lactose intolerant.

Earlier milk was regarded as a food for children and elderly people in China, not as something an adult man or woman would pour on breakfast cereals. Nevertheless, today it is easy to get a hold of all types of dairy products, especially long-lasting UHT milk and drinkable yoghurts in China’s supermarkets. On the plus side, yoghurt products are more easily digested due to the fermentation process breaking down the lactose in the product.

Since lactose free “dairy” products have not – yet – made a big entrance into the mainstream consumption patterns in China, it seems that the problem digesting lactose might not be as big of a problem as was once thought.

Do you or someone you know have problems digesting lactose / cow’s milk?

Do you consume milk or dairy-free alternatives to milk or has your opinion on milk changed recently with the health and climate discussions?

Let us know in the comments below!

Influence your world,
Toluna Team


  il y a 1 mois
0 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
not at all I'm not allergic
0 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
No I don't costume milk I'm allergic to milk
0 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
My child Is lactose intolerant, when she consumes cows milk she gets really constipated. I prefer buying soy milk for the whole family.
0 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
I am not allergic to milk and don't think milk should be involved in any climate debate.
0 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
I'm lactose intolerant and I either avoid dairy products,eat it with other products or consume it in moderation.
0 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
I consume milk here and there. Though my view on dairy are slightly changing because I don't think human beings are supposed to consume animal beings products, it's not good for our healthy. Animals do have some kind of sicknesses that can easily affect humans and also the fat that is found in these products it's hard to be digested
0 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
I'm not allergic to milk, and my opinion on milk hasn't changed with the health and climate discussions.
0 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
I consume in moderation
0 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
92%?? That is bizarre!! You know I read an article that said adults are not designed to consume dairy and it's not actually good for us. It is great for kids in their major developmental stages, being their first 7 years of life but after that we should consume in moderation. I am NOT a massive fan of dairy. I have it in my tea and coffee , I will eat yogurt and I am not massive fan of cheese at al. My youngest son become lactose intolerant as a toddler for a brief period after he had a viral infection but it was temporary. No one in my family or extended family is lactose intolerant. In fact I personally do not know anyone who is.
0 commentaire(s)
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