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Research shows that in the USA alone in 2019, people spent an average of 2 hours and 55 minutes looking at their phone screen. It's an increase of 8 minutes compared to 2018, and on an annual basis it adds to a shocking 1,064 and a half hours which is more or less 44 days! Additionally, experts confirm that users spend as much as 90% of this time using all available applications simultaneously.

Viewers describe the film, "The Social Dilemma," as shocking and a ‘must see’ and although the content does not contain any news, the very fact of thorough research and logical submission of all information act as the greatest bargaining chip of this production..

It would go unargued if it was said that Facebook constantly displays countless ads on our screens, and FOMO (short for fear of missing out) keeps phones within easy reach all day long. However, as psychologists say, "to strike at a sensitive point will always hurt, whether we expect it or not."

The documentary features Tristan Harris, who was a design ethic at Google, Aza Raskin - co-founder of Mozilla Labs, and Shoshana Zuboff - professor at Harvard, specialising in the psychology of technology.

All specialists documenting their experiences and thoughts about the world of social media show how our phones make us struggle with more and more complexes, sorrows and even depression in extreme cases.

In addition to the statements of experts, the authors also use statistics that indicate, inter alia, an almost 200% increase in self-mutilation among girls aged 10-14 in the years 2009-2015, when social media became popular.

This production, although it may cause some kind of discomfort to many of us, certainly encourages reflection and instilling good habits among the youngest.

Will you watch this documentary?How often do you check the average time you spend using your mobile devices?

Were you aware of the existence and functioning of Internet bubbles / algorithms, which very often radicalise the views of society?

Leave your feedback in the comments below!

Influence your world,

Toluna Team


  il y a 25 jours
Will check it out
0 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
No, I am not interested in watching it, I don't think they'd tell anything that I don't know already
0 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
I do go on social media a good bit
0 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
I don't look at my phone often, and I don't use facebook.
0 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
I won't be watching it so it won't change anything.
0 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
I have watched it . Nothing that they said is something I didn't know about. There is absolutely nothing surprising about it .
0 commentaire(s)


  il y a 1 mois
I would like ti watch this movie and found out more about world of social media. I am not sure if this movie will change my opinion about using mobile phones because I can control my self and put mobile phone away.
0 commentaire(s)

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