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  il y a 1 mois

My Wafers With Chocolate

This week I decided to make wafers with chocolate. This is very simply, sweet and quick dessert.

All you need is this few ingredients and around 45 minutes free time.


5 eggs
1 vanilla sugar
200g sugar
200g chocolate for cooking
250g margarine
1 pack of wafers


Mix the eggs with a mixer and add the sugar. Then coat well. The margarine and a chocolate dissolve in a microwave or steamed. Put the eggs with the sugar on steam and cook for 10 minutes. Add the melted chocolate and margarine. Then cook steamed with constant stirring for another 10 minutes. Meanwhile add the vanilla sugar
Leave to cool well with occasional stirring.

Fill the crusts so that they are completely spoiled and filled with large squares. Smear the knife thinly and put on another crust. Until all the crusts are consumed.

When all crusts are filled with chocolate then all together wrap it in the stretchable foil and put in the fridge to cool. It is even better if you put something heavy on the top because then you will get perfect shape of the wafer when you cut it.

My kids love this kind of dessert because it reminds them on the little wafers with chocolate which they are. Just not from the store.

Maybe someone will try this recipe.

Little tip: You can buy the wafers in every croatish or polish shop. They are called "Oblatni".

All pictures are mine. So that you can see how to make it.
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  il y a 1 mois
nice Répondre
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  il y a 1 mois
very nice. Répondre
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  il y a 1 mois
lovely Répondre
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  il y a 1 mois
Good afternoon and thank you for sharing this recipe with us BubamaraMaya! Have you ever tried this recipe using white chocolate? :) Répondre
1 commentaire(s)

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