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  Il y a 10 mois

What are your resolutions for this year? | Luna's List Activity #3

Hello Influencers!

Happy Monday! I hope you are enjoying Luna's List. Today, we are announcing the third activity which is to create a topic with the hashtag #Resolutions2020 in the title and tell us what your resolutions for this year will be. Must be at least 3 lines, have an image or a YouTube link. For creating the topic correctly, you will receive 500 points.*

* you will receive 500 points at the end of the initiative.

- Title: #Resolutions2020
- Description/caption at least 3 lines explaining your 2020 Resolutions
- Must include image or YouTube link - if you don't have an image, you can use our free image library!

Best of luck!
Toluna Team


  Il y a 10 mois
Sorry, the last time the offer was made we were supposed to use the topic title #RESOLUTIONS2020 (look at the image you posted).
Does it matter if the title is ALL CAPS or is it supposed to be "Sentence format"?
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  Il y a 10 mois
be happy no worry
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  Il y a 10 mois
#Resolutions, my ultimate resolution is NOT to make resolutions. I would rather just live in the moment and enjoy today! Who knows what tomorrow may bring?!?!
I might get hit by a bus, or drown in the ocean, or get cancer. No point worrying about what may or may not happen! CARP DIEM!
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  Il y a 10 mois
#resolutions2020 I am going to try to do these workouts every day. She allows for one rest day a week so you can catch up. I like that they are a different workout every day and that it's free. Join me for exercise and a few laughs.
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  Il y a 10 mois
#Resolutions2020 staying positive no matter what, thinking good thoughts, doing actions that will make a good impact for everyone and everything
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  Il y a 10 mois
I honestly don't make any resolution's I just try to be the best I can at what I am doing and if I am not then it's a learning lesson! There is always tomorrow lots of days in the month no need to stress on that one day that went wrong when so many others can go right!
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  Il y a 10 mois
My New Years resolutions are to be healthy to continue not smoking and to grow my hair long
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  Il y a 10 mois
Work less in January.
Have a great Valentine's Day in February.
Invite coworkers to my birthday party in March (I never did it before).
Work more in April, May and June.
Enjoy the summer by traveling as much as possible in July and August.
Back to work full force in September, October, November and mid December.
Have a relaxing end of the year, hopefully in Cuba.
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  Il y a 10 mois
Not for me.
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  Il y a 10 mois
Not sure
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