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  Il y a 20 mois

The blame game.

Why do some people feel that someone else is to blame for their problems, poor choices, etc...
Yes I know we all start from different places, environment , family issues, money etc.. yet most people are making a go of it. Trying to stay afloat or get ahead. Yes some people do need assistance and we try . Yet we still have ignorant people who blame others for problems from Presidents to the Unemployed. Why is our world getting so f....d up.


  Il y a 20 mois
1. Because we live in a broken, fallen world with broken, fallen people.
2. Fear of failure or being seen as a failure.
3. Some are too egocentric that everyone else is stupid except themselves.
"You are not a failure until you start blaming others for your mistakes." John Wooden
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  Il y a 20 mois
In some cases it can be the fault of others, depending on the people's circumstances
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  Il y a 20 mois
Read some ancient Roman satire.
All the things columnists complain about now were complained about then including entitlement, urbanisation etc.
Its not getting worse. Just humans being humans.
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  Il y a 20 mois
agree strongly with you both.
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  Il y a 20 mois
Yes, I have seen people from all walks of life/backgrounds/countries and environments genuinely try and make the most of what they have, to better themselves (in whatever form that make take) and to find their "happy". So many having it so so much harder then we do in NZ. Then there are the ones that just feel they are owed, that it is someone else's fault, that "if" they were given xyz...etc etc (I have no money, the government etc to buy a takeaway, alcohol, latest phone etc), constantly complaining in their negative world. Then I look at the people who have gone through real tragic events, mental illness and hardship - and see them come out the other side by doing everything they can, it's inspiring. There is genuine need vs self-entitled want . Sometimes too ingrained I think...
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